Billings & Allocations

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Workers' Compensation Allocation

The total workers’ compensation premium assessed to Funds 128 and 136 is allocated within each fund annually by the Madison Budget Office. The method to distribute the premium assessments to the operations within Funds 128 and 136 uses unclassified, classified, LTE and student salaries, as well as the average of the five most recent years of actual claim experience in both funds combined for each of the four salary types. The allocation posts to account code 3430 on WISDM before fiscal year end.

Municipal Services

Section 70.119 of Wisconsin Statutes requires that UW System pay local municipalities for the cost of services such as police and fire protection. Effective FY 18, a separate segregated fee (transferred from ASM, Wisconsin Union, UHS, and Rec Well) for municipal services will be established consistent with other UW System institutions, and a flat percentage will be used to allocate to units currently paying for municipal services per the Municipal Service Assessment Proposal dated 3/29/16.

Municipal Services
  • Segregated Fee: 22%
  • Housing: 34%
  • Recreation & Wellbeing – Nielsen: 1%
  • Transportation Services: 10%
  • Intercollegiate Athletics: 33%




Fund 128 Assessment

The Fund 128 Assessment is for specific major auxiliary operations only – Intercollegiate Athletics, Facilities Planning & Management, Recreational and Wellbeing, Housing, and Wisconsin Union. This assessment is for services provided by UW System, including, but not limited to, auxiliary budgets, auxiliary rate increases, procurement contracts for food services, bookstore, banking and ATMs, and construction projects for residence halls and student unions.

Fund 123 Interest Allocation

All-Agency Funds